yoga 4 change

The earlier we learn how to de- stress and how to manage our thoughts and emotions, the easier it will be to do so in future. As we grow older, we become progressively set in our ways and find it difficult to get rid of bad habits and to manage our minds.

The sooner we learn this, the more capable we are of doing so as we grow up. Hence it is important that children learn these tools. The yoga techniques are adapted to suit the age.

Adolescents are engaged in various activities that enable them to absorb the benefits of Yoga. These children will become more calm, more receptive and more loving.

By aligning ourselves with The African Impact Foundation, we are providing the learners an opportunity to support their greater communities through an organisation that has these communities best interest at heart.

The organisation would be able to show case to the learners, the great work they are able to achieve, with the learners participation in the yoga classes – helping to a create a future full of individuals who are respectful, compassionate and understanding of all living beings.

We strongly believe by incorporating Yoga 4 Change into schools we are equipping young minds with the tools to thrive, whilst encouraging social awareness.

our Goals and Objectives

Students must be taught to prepare themselves for the perpetual examination of LIFE. Children are future citizens and the wealth of each nation. Education must aim at cultivating good ideas, clarifying them with scientific and mathematical accuracy and expressing them in a beautiful intelligent manner.

This is how we aim to approach yoga and mindfulness in schools. By collaborating with the African Impact Foundation on this programme we create the opportunity for schools to support and organisation whose commitment is to ‘ Educate, Enrich and Empower’ the communities they serve.

why consider yoga?

The lives of children today are extremely busy and often chaotic. Yoga and mindfulness aims to provide a space where learners can relax their bodies, release tension and create space within themselves in order to restore inner balance. We have observed through quantitative research that yoga and mindfulness in schools and classrooms creates a more harmonious environment. Teachers have reported that after only three months of yoga and mindfulness learners concentration improved, they were able to focus better.

Shy learners and learners who did not engage much suddenly came out of their shells and self confidence improved. Absenteeism went down as the children were becoming healthier and happier. Learners were able to self regulate and when their emotions got the better of them, they were given a space in the classroom to sit quietly and come back to themselves.

Parents reported great improvements at home, their children were calmer, they could now sit quietly in church on Sundays, their behaviour improved, they were suddenly helping around the house, there was great academic improvement. ( All research has been done by students of UWC. You can find all interviews with learners, parents and teachers and all other research
on www. colt. org. za research papers).

After running a five year pilot project where the benefits of yoga and mindfulness were scientifically proven beyond doubt we feel it is our responsibility to take this programme out into the world. The positive impact this programme will have on students, teachers, parents and society as a whole is undeniable. Anxiety, depression and suicide in children and adolescents is increasing daily.

It is our responsibility as teachers and parents to endow our children with the tools to manage life, express their innate talents and shine as luminaries in this world.


Triveni began a childrens mindfulness and yoga program in 2011 . The
program only ran one Sunday a month but the positive impact on the children was undeniable.

In 2012 Triveni and a group of friends formed the Ananda Kutir Education Trust. The trust set out to investigate and research the effects of yoga and mindfulness on children. A pilot project was launched in consultation with the Dept of Education, Dept of Social Development, University of the Western Cape as well as various faith leaders, medical doctors, scientists, phycologists and psychiatrist’ s in order to explore the effects of yoga and mindfulness is classrooms.

Once the benefits were scientifically proven and researched the Ananda Kutir Education Trust began the Children of Light School which is exclusively for under privileged children from Cape Town poorest and most violent communities. Children of Light School is now breaking new ground in research by implementing the tools of yoga and mindfulness to heal trauma.

Over the last decade Triveni has attended and facilitated dozens of workshops and training courses in order to develop her awareness and education about the effects and impact of yoga and mindfulness in schools.

Triveni is a qualified yoga teacher specializing in children and adolescents as well as a facilitator for The Living Values Movement which works with educators and students. Triveni remains a trustee of The Ananda Kutir Education Trust and serves and consults on the board of Children of Light School.

Triveni’ s passion is working alongside educators and students to bring about lasting change in schools and in society as a whole. Triveni is always willing to share her knowledge a with authenticity, love and respect. Triveni believes her experience as a mother of three teenagers also enables her to fully understand the challenges faced by parents, teachers and learners in society today.

african impact foundation

The African Impact Foundation was established in 2008 as a way to responsibly manage the generous donations received from volunteers working on African Impact projects. Starting from a small desk in Livingstone, the charity has grown into an organisation that has funded numerous initiatives and programs in the communities where African Impact volunteer projects are based. The charity is proud to have financed the building of clinics, crèches and school classrooms provided communities with education and skills training and helped beneficiaries improve their wellbeing and quality of life through improved nutrition and the provision of much- needed health equipment.

Our aim is to continue working with communities to improve the lives of the individuals and families who live there.

programme cost




Cost Covered by School



Cost Covered by Learner/Parent



benefits of partnering with us

We have a dedicated team of instructors who have all had adolescent yoga teacher training with Triveni. This means we are sending instructors and substitute instructors well equipped with the same knowledge and skills to teach the learners. We can tailor programmes to suit a school and their learners needs.
You are gaining access to a proven programme.

We can help you gauge and monitor the success of the programme in your school. We can provide service as part of the school’ s curriculum or as an extra curricular activity.

Your school will be supporting The African Impact Foundation’ s vital work within our communities.

We will achieve great results within our schools and create a future that is bright for all.