Outdoor Classes

Studio without walls - yoga everywhere

 We believe that practicing yoga in nature can be a powerful way to deepen your practice and connect with the natural world. That’s why we organize outdoor events and yoga classes in beautiful and inspiring natural settings.

Here’s how to start

Ready to take your yoga practice outside and soak up some sun? 

First, we figure out why we’re hosting the event and what we want to achieve. Maybe it’s a beach yoga class to celebrate the summer solstice, or a mountain yoga hike to mark a special occasion.

Next, we choose a location that is totally Instagram-worthy and perfect for the type of event we’re organizing. We make sure to check out the parking, permits, and weather so we’re ready for anything!

Then, we plan all the fun details, from coordinating with our awesome instructors to bringing all the equipment and supplies needed for the perfect yoga session.

We spread the word far and wide about our amazing outdoor event using social media, email newsletters, and good old-fashioned word of mouth.

On the day of the event, we show up early to get everything set up and make sure it’s picture-perfect.

After the event, we love hearing feedback from our attendees and instructors, so we can continue to improve our outdoor events and create even more fun and unforgettable experiences!

So come join us and take your yoga practice outside for some fresh air, sunshine, and a whole lot of fun!

What to bring?


We will provide you with yoga mats, so you should bring ⁣ – water bottle and sun screen, hand sanitizer, etc⁣.


Arrive early to find your socially-distanced spot, and sign into class with the teacher. Remember to stay 2m away – that’s roughly the long-side of a yoga mat!⁣⁣⁣

Weather and other cancellations

We try not to cancel any of our Park classes around the city!! Most forecasts are conservative: 40% chance of rain? We’ll try to run class! But if we are going to cancel, like Tuesday night, we try to do so about 1 hour before class. We will reach out by email, and post to our stories. Make sure your email is up to date – and be sure to check in your spam! ⠀