How winter yoga makes your body better

So we pretty much know yoga heals mind, body and spirit. That’s what makes it a form of exercise more powerful than any other. But even if the mind and spirit stuff doesn’t interest you very much, doing yoga just to benefit the body also yields remarkable results. 

In winter at work our bodies actually take quite a battering. We tend to sit differently to keep warm and so end up stiffly hunched over our computers. Also, for 3 months, from May to August, we leave for work in the dark and cold. We sit in traffic hunched over our steering wheels. We spend a large portion of our daylight hours inside a building and leave for home as it’s getting dark again. None of this is conducive to feeling healthy or happy which has a direct affect on our physical health. If you think about which season you suffer most from illnesses, you will realise quite quickly that it’s cold-hearted winter.

The best time to practice yoga in winter is while you’re at work. The mornings are generally too cold and by late afternoon early evening we usually feel quite tired. The best news is yoga is an ideal exercise to practice at the office. It doesn’t take up too much space and you aren’t left sweaty and exhausted afterwards. On the contrary, you feel restored, reenergised and calm.

Let’s take a look at how yoga benefits your body during winter so that you can continue to be as productive as ever at work:

Reduces work fatigue

We sit for hours on end at work. We drink caffeinated drinks. We stare at a screen. We don’t move enough. No wonder we so feel tired. Practicing yoga stretches and deep breathing is a brilliant way to help get our muscles to work and our blood to pump much-needed oxygen to our brains. Yoga energisers us.   

Eliminates aches and pains

Back, shoulder and neck pain is something that many of us suffer from after spending the majority of our workday weeks sitting at our desks. Practicing yoga is an excellent way to improve posture as well as stretch and strengthen muscles. In fact, it is known to build muscle mass and maintain muscle strength. This lowers our risk of developing conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis later in life and plays a vital role in eliminating back pain.

Boosts immunity

Somewhere there is a stat that says stress is the reason for 90 percent of all doctor visits. In fact, stress is probably the biggest cause of most modern-day ailments like colds, flus, allergies and headaches to the more serious illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Stress affects businesses’ bottomlines because it makes people sick which increases absenteeism and decreases productivity. One session of yoga has proven to eliminate stress, that is how powerful it is.

Makes you flexible

Practicing yoga radically improves flexibility. It’s one of the exercise’s most obvious benefits. By incorporating yoga into your daily life, and with regular practice, your muscles and connective tissues surrounding your bones and joints begin to loosen. Before you know it the tip of your nose will easily touch your knee cap. 

Builds strength

Doing all those yoga poses stretch muscles you didn’t even know you had plus you increase your range of motion. It takes a lot of strength to hold a balanced pose. In fact, many yoga positions build core strength. And, as they say, “strong body, indestructible mind”.

So, whether you agree with the mind, body, spirit connection in yoga, there is no denying it is a worthy form of exercise for your body alone. 

For workplace wellness, yoga is an investment. Are you an employee who wants to take charge of your career? Yoga will keep you fit and energetic so that you can maintain your competitive edge. Are you an employer who would like to keep productivity up? Yoga will ensure your staff stay healthy and happy at work. 

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