If you have done yoga before, you know how relaxed and lazy you can feel after a great yoga class, especially if you finish with Sivasana (Corpse Pose).

How are you meant to go back to work after yoga?

There are a few steps to follow that will ensure that you feel energized, productive and eager to work after yoga. Turn that wonderful experience into something that helps you work, rather than hinders you from doing so:

  • Make sure you are warm during your yoga class – especially during the final relaxation. Our body temperature drops rapidly after practice, which contributes to the tired desire to just cosy up on the sofa. Avoid this by making sure you are warm at all times. Keep a blanket or a sweater close by for Sivasana, or turn up the temperature of the room.
  • Eat before your class. Have a banana, some nuts or a protein bar to make sure that your yoga practice does not use up ALL your calories. Make sure there is something left when you are done!
  • Stick to a moderate practice. If you want to be able to go straight back to work after yoga practice, make sure you don’t exert yourself too much. Make it easy for your body to recover afterwards by not pushing it to its limits – keep those practices for other times!
  • Drink lots of water. Straight after practice, pick up your glasses or bottles and down them. Re-hydrating kicks your systems into work-mode and brings back the energy you may have lost during practice.
  • Get some fresh air. If your yoga practice was indoors, replenish your oxygen levels by stepping outside. This will wake you up instantly and give you the energy you need to go back to work after yoga class.