Here’s How You Can Clear It!

Brain fog, although not a medical condition, still impacts our day-to-day lives, even after healing from Covid-19. Read on to discover what brain fog is, what brings it on and how to alleviate it.


What Is Brain Fog And What Are The Symptoms?

Brain fog is that moggy, sluggish feeling we all experience from time to time when we are sick with the flu or other illnesses.

It can also occur from jet lag, when you take certain medications, or when you aren’t getting enough sleep.

Along with grogginess, you may also experience light-headedness, fuzziness, feeling spaced out, or experiencing moments of forgetfulness or confusion.

Brain fog is a common side-effect of Covid-19 and can persist long after the virus leaves your body similar to fatigue, body aches, and headaches to name a few.


How Covid-19 Affects The Brain

Covid-19 has various impacts on the body such as strokes, lack of oxygen to the brain, aches, pains, and headaches. Results of this manifest in the inability to sleep properly or exercise.

Leading on from this is when brain fog occurs.

This means that brain fog is not a symptom of covid-19 but more a side-effect of the symptoms.

How To Alleviate Brain Fog

The good thing about brain fog is that it is easily remedied with a few changes in your routine…

Get some sleep – We all need good quality sleep and without it, operate with impaired cognitive functions and, that is without suffering from covid.

Engage in light exercises, such as yoga or low-intensity workouts.

Eat right. This is the time your body needs good food and water, vitamins, and minerals to help replenish and restore. You don’t do yourself any favors eating fatty, oily food here.

Take part in brain-stimulating activities such as playing sports, card or board games, listening to music, or practicing mindfulness or meditation.

Reminder. Be patient while you recover.

It’s important to remember that brain fog, although not a medical condition and not dire, does exist and is a real contributor to how we feel, how we make decisions, and how we move through our days.

Now that you know more about brain fog and how to remedy it, you’ll be better equipped to identify it and deal with it should you experience it.

Have you experienced brain fog? How did you deal with it?

Can you think of any ways to alleviate brain fog that we didn’t think of?

Let us know.
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