Meditation & Sport

April 1, 2020News

Meditation and Sport Recently we had the great privilege to be a part of ‘Terug op die Veld,’ a gameshow in which 20 former rugby players were given 13 weeks to get back into their best shape possible. Yoga and meditation were offered to the players as a part of their come-back training. It was … Read More

Invest in Rest – Part 2, this is where we take a deep breath

December 20, 2019News

As we head into the silly season, it can be challenging to keep centred and mindful. But if we would like to uphold the true spirit of the season that still lies behind the excess and overindulgence, it is important to cultivate awareness of what we truly value in life and create intentions for living … Read More

How to make yoga work at work

July 14, 2019Articles & Stories, Fitness, News, Tips & Tricks

How to make yoga work at work We often read about the many incredible benefits of yoga. It enhances concentration and motivation, increases self-confidence, makes us happy, strengthens the immune system, and relieves anxiety, stress and depression.  What we don’t read about very often is how easy yoga is to do. Once you get into … Read More