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Yoga in the Workplace

March 4, 2020Articles & Stories

The Benefit of Yoga in the Workplace Studies have shown that employees who implement movement and exercise into their daily routine, reduce the detrimental effects of sitting for long hours at a desk and are much happier, calmer, more productive and resilient to work challenges as a result. Yoga, in particular, is hugely beneficial, as … Read More


January 29, 2020Articles & Stories

And so we find ourselves at the end of January. How are your new year’s resolutions coming along? If you’re like the 80 – 90% majority of people who make them, you will by now have realised that you have not succeeded in keeping them! Likely the guilt you are feeling is making you feel … Read More

Invest In Rest – Part 1

November 21, 2019Articles & Stories

With the holiday season coming up, many of us experience a mixed bag of emotions. It is a time that we wait for all year and then it creeps up on us and we suddenly feel unprepared for it. We begin to anticipate the coming festivities as we start to take stock of the year … Read More

Avoiding Burnout

November 4, 2019Articles & Stories

With life moving at an ever-increasing pace, there is constant pressure in the workplace to take on bigger workloads, improve performance and find faster solutions. We may feel inadequate if we can’t keep up and tell ourselves we are able to cope even when we start noticing obvious signs that point to the opposite: constant … Read More

How to make yoga work at work

July 14, 2019Articles & Stories, Fitness, News, Tips & Tricks

How to make yoga work at work We often read about the many incredible benefits of yoga. It enhances concentration and motivation, increases self-confidence, makes us happy, strengthens the immune system, and relieves anxiety, stress and depression.  What we don’t read about very often is how easy yoga is to do. Once you get into … Read More

The 8 Winter Healers of Yoga

June 19, 2019Articles & Stories, Fitness

The 8 Winter Healers of Yoga and how they help in the workplace There’s definitely something about yoga and the way it holistically embraces all that is good in this world. All that is good in us. It affects us in mind, body and spirit. It teaches us to be observant and find balance in … Read More