Spreading the love for Yoga

This week marked the start of our weekly Yoga classes with the ladies from the income generation programme at Philani Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Project, and what a joy it was to ommmm with them!

While it took us a few minutes to convince the ladies to give it a try (“Yoga? I don’t know, I have never done that before! What if I cannot do it?!”), we finally managed to get a bunch of them out on the mat, under the trees in Philani’s idyllic garden. Our lovely Om Yoga teacher Angela introduced them to the gentle and giving world of Kundalini Yoga and created a safe space of self-love, acceptance and calm for women who spend much of their time worrying about feeding their family and keeping them safe.

We are so grateful to be able to share in Philani’s beautiful mission of creating sustainable community   health and the programmes they have developed over the years that contribute to this, like the income generation programme our new Yogis are part of, or the Educare centre on the premises, which provides healthy food and safe care for many children from Cite C, one of the most impoverished areas of the Khayelitsha township.

Get involved

Find out more about this incredible organisation, or get involved! (they are urgently looking for sponsors for the kids in their Educare programme, to alleviate the financial burden on their parents!!!  Or better yet, visit this incredible programme yourself and speak to all of the wonderful people involved!