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Want the ultimate recruitment tool to gain an edge over your competitors? The Om Revolution offers a corporate yoga solution to keep staff turnover low!

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Is productivity low and absenteeism high because of stressed and sick staff? We can fix this with quick, convenient and affordable yoga sessions at your workplace. It’s the ultimate wellness investment for your employees. PLUS, we’ll tailor a yoga package to suit your work environment.

It’s convenient. It’s flexible. It makes employees healthy, happy and productive. It reduces staff turnover and absenteeism.

What you do on the day

Location: Choose a quiet spot on your premises – any open space will be fine, indoors or outdoors (depending on the weather).
Duration: Your class will be one hour long. You may want to plan your workday around it.
Clothing: No special clothing required, just wear something comfy and stretchy.
Beverage: Bring a water bottle, you will get thirsty.
Equipment: We will bring the mats.