Traditionally yoga was taught one on one. Here are a few reasons why:

Perfect alignment in a private yoga class

When going to a class of +-30 people the yoga instructor will probably not get around to all 30 yoga students which leaves room for bad alignment. Bad alignment can easily cause injuries that will leave you unable to do certain postures for months, where as in a private yoga class alignment is key to perfect a posture and eventually feel ease and comfort in that posture.

Dealing with your injuries in a private yoga class

Past injuries like tendonitis can be a real schlep in a yoga class. Some postures can feel terribly painful and that’s why in a private yoga class sequences are specially thought out to help you deal with your injuries. If not curing it all together, at least subsiding the symptoms.

Work towards your goal in a private yoga class

Are you a runner? A swimmer? Or just somebody that wants to become more flexible? Again, like in Dealing with your injuries above, sequences are set out especially for you. Helping you reach specific goals by using precise postures to get you to where you want to be.