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We bring Yoga to YOU.

We offer individually tailored, private Yoga lessons in the convenience of your own home. Yoga at Home gives you the opportunity to incorporate Yoga into your life WHENEVER and WHEREVER you wish, by yourself, with family or friends.



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  • Charged per class
  • Flexible
  • Children under 12 FREE




  • Sundays & public holidays
  • Last minute
  • Before 6AM, after 9PM


  • The instructor’s attention is focused 100% on you aligning your every pose, adjusting to your strength and physical requirements, spotting and correcting every mistake
  • Mal-aligned or wrong poses that could potentially lead to injury or permanent damage are spotted and altered before the damage is done
  • The instructor can monitor your improvement and fitness and adjust the difficulty and intensity levels accordingly
  • Regular private Yoga lessons improve your Yoga skills much quicker and more effectively than joining busy yoga studios – become a Yogi in NO time!
  • Consistency: You will never be wondering who will be giving the lesson today; the one instructor you have become comfortable and happy with accompanies you the whole way
  • Give Feedback! Your private Yoga instructor will always ask for feedback from you. Are the classes too easy, too fast paced, to intense, or not intense enough? Would you like to focus more on a specific issue? Tell your Yoga instructor and the lessons will change immediately!
  • A more effective workout! While you may get away with a little cheating or resting in a busy Yoga class where the instructor is focusing on something or someone else, your private Yoga instructor will catch you and put you back on track, ensuring that you get the maximum benefits from your workout.

Discounts for multiple class packages apply. Please click here to enquire.

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