Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

the Om Revolution

A gentle practice designed to help you connect with your baby, facilitate the pregnancy, birth and recovery period.

Practice in the comfort and convenience of your home, with a qualified pre- and postnatal yoga teacher who brings you an individually designed practice. tailor-made to suit your needs as an expecting / new mother.

Prenatal Yoga


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  • Charged per class
  • Flexible
  • Children under 12 FREE




  • Sundays & public holidays
  • Last minute
  • Before 6AM, after 9PM


  • Your body gets more support
  • Your important muscle groups are toned
  • You are better prepared for labour and delivery
  • You will connect more with your baby
  • You may find relief from common pregnancy complaints
  • You could have a healthier pregnancy

Prenatal yoga, the deliberate weaving together of yoga and childbirth preparation, opens the door for women to reclaim their physical, mental, and emotional power and receptivity during the birth process. “Somehow, as women, we think we will automatically know how to give birth,” says Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, co–founder and director of Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles, who has taught prenatal yoga for nearly 30 years. “But we are so detached from our instinctual selves that sometimes we need to be reminded of what we already know.”

For a growing number of women, that reminder is prenatal yoga. Expectant mothers in urban centers are flocking to yoga studios that have whimsical names such as Mamaste and Baby Om, while moms-to-be in smaller locales are finding a proliferation of prenatal classes at yoga studios, gyms, and birthing centers. What’s the universal appeal? Prenatal yoga classes offer a place of refuge where women learn to connect with their changing bodies, their babies, and each other. asana prepares them physically for giving birth, but most women find that the awareness of body, mind, and breath that it teaches is what truly helps them when it’s time to deliver. As Rachel Yellin, a prenatal yoga teacher in San Francisco, says, “Doing prenatal yoga doesn’t mean you’ll have the ‘perfect’ birth; it means you’ll be able to accept the perfection of the birth you’re given, regardless of whether it goes according to your plan.”


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