How to get the most out of your practice

While individualising your Yoga journey is important, avoiding the following can go a long way to ensure you don’t give up on it.


Common mistakes in a yoga class #1

Skipping the beginning and/or the end

So many people come in a few minutes or even up to 15 minutes after the class has started. Therefore, sometimes missing the warm up which is detrimental to keeping your body safe during the rest of the class. Also, when you come in late for class, more than usually, you miss one side of the pose.

When you leave early, not only do you disrupt the rest of the class but you also miss the end poses which round up the class sequence getting you ready for an amazing relaxation, which normally only takes 5-10 minutes of your time.

Common mistakes in a yoga class #2

yoga mistakePushing yourself too hard

I see this common mistake in a yoga class all the time, especially with beginners. When you are extremely tired and your energy is low then it’s time to skip the more advanced options and stay with the beginner versions. Listen to your body. Trust me, I was also a beginner trying to do the most advanced poses that my body wasn’t ready for. Having low energy you are probably not going to have the proper alignment for a specific pose. Rather keep it safe.

Common mistakes in a yoga class #3

Holding your breath

As a beginner you are still getting used to the way yoga moves your body. When you are in these strong poses you keep focused on holding these poses which also sometimes come with holding your breath. Try to keep your focus on the pose as well as your breath. Breathing long and deep breaths through your nose.

Common mistakes in a yoga class #4

Bringing things to class

I have had people bringing babies to class, yes, you heard right, babies! During the class they whimper, make little noises and sometimes cry which puts you off your practice, usually having to stop in the middle of a pose. I have also had somebody checking their phone every 5 minutes. If there is an important call you are waiting for I understand. Put your phone on vibrate and on your mat and when that call comes you can take your call outside the studio. Don’t bring anything that is going to set you off track.

Breath, relax and take your time. Listen to your body. Stay from beginning till end. Keep distractions away.

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