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Providing Your Team with the Opportunity to Re-group, Re-energize and Re-invigorate

We bring Yoga to your office, whenever, wherever and however you wish. With over 14 Yoga teachers all over Cape Town, we are able to accommodate any location and scheduling needs and can provide reliability and flexibility that takes much of the organising work out of your corporate wellness strategy.

Corporate Yoga


Corporate Yoga Cape Town


  • Exercise suitable for any age, fitness level and body type body type
  • Team building through non work-related interaction
  • The opportunity to regenerate, reinvigorate and
  • to resume work more focused and energised
  • Reduced absenteeism, health issues, diminished productivity and direct medical costs, improving the company’s bottom line

Corporate Yoga has proven to be an immensely efficient tool in improving employee wellness and ultimately, in improving the bottom line. In the U.S. for example, according to the American Journal of Health Promotion, CorSolutions, Inc. and the The American Institute for Stress:

Job stress costs U.S. companies about $300 billion annually through absenteeism, diminished productivity, employee turnover and direct medical, legal and insurance fees.

Stress is the cause of nearly 90% of doctor visits in the U.S.

– Companies spend $14,000 per employee per year on medically related productivity losses.

-Recent research indicates that companies who offer yoga and wellness programs to their employees reduce their annual health insurance premiums, and thereby improve their bottom line. According to a recent study on worksite health programs, corporations realized $3 – $6 in savings for every $1 invested in wellness programs. The same study showed more than a 25% average reduction in health-care costs for well-designed programs.

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